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Make your arms your springs when you practice push ups this month. 
Try this strategy taken from our reforMAT class.
photo 4 (2)
1) Begin at the top of your Push Up position.
2) Take 5 slow counts to lower your body to your lowest possible push up.
3) Lower onto your belly and then navigate back to the top of the move to begin again – you do NOT have to push up from the bottom.
4) Repeat 5 times and focus on your triceps and pectorals behaving like springs! Open and stretch your muscles like the coils of a spring. Good Luck!

lumosityBrain games aren’t just fun – they work. Lumosity customizes your training according to five categories:  Memory, Speed, Attention, Flexibility and Problem Solving.  I strongly suggest the Attention category where I myself selected the “Avoiding Distractions” option.  If you truly want to train your brain like a spring – you might also select the “Reacting Quickly” in the Speed Category. Remember that it’s ok to be lousy when you’re just learning something. You’ll get better quickly.

In 10 days
Redefine your goals this year. Instead of goals – choose processes or systems. Example: “I want to work on my strength this year” will become “I’m going to start doing these three exercises three times a week”. Break it down further into specific reps, specific moves and specific days. Forget about deadlines and far reaching goals – simply implement the system. Commit to this process with just one of your goals over the next 10 days and see how it changes your results.

In 20 days
Take an afternoon off.
One of my occasional reads and pseudo gurus Tim Ferriss inspired me with this thought. Take a day off. One weekend this month, simply unplug and spend it learning something you have always wanted to learn. Pick up an instrument, take a ballroom dancing class, go skydiving. It’s outstanding how much your perspective will change and the progress you can make not to mention the experience that will stay with you for ever. Make a commitment to complete this by the end of the month.

In 30 days
“Losing Steam”
January’s best intentions can begin to feel like impossible hurdles. For the next 30 days find a buddy to be accountable to. Work with them or on your own to set a check in on your new systems. When you feel your resolve fading – implement a code word, phrase or sentence that you can text. Better still, pick up the phone. Instruct your buddy to use the phrase “don’t quit” and deliver a pep talk. Reciprocity is key – you’ll want to be there for them as well. Take this next few weeks to work out your buddy system and you’ll be armed for the year, and beyond.

In 30 Days

The Real Pilates promise mirrors that of Joe Pilates.

Namely this:

“In 30 days you’ll have a whole new body.”

Join our Pilates Promise challenge with the next group on January 6th and kick off your 2014 transformation.  You’ll work with a Nutrition coach and our expert training squad to build a program that will redefine fitness and redesign your body.

Each group is limited to 5 participants to ensure our individualized attention.

Commit today and be well on your way come January 6th, 2014.

Click here.



In 20 Days

You may have heard of my dear friend MeJo Wiggin who will be spending some time at Real Pilates this year working with the industry professionals.  But MeJo is also leading a Wunda Chair workshop that will change your workout.  One of the most effective Pilates tools, MeJo will explore the aspects of the chair that make it such a special addition to your workout.  Strong Intermediate and Advanced students are welcome to attend.

January 25th – 2:00 – 4:00pm


Click here to sign up.



In 10 Days

Welcome to 2014 and our new class memberships.

Effective immediately, you can enjoy a monthly membership for unlimited classes in 3 month or 6 month options.

We’ve taken the restrictions off of the ordinary 10, 20 and 30 packs with this new plan.

Of course if you prefer to stick with the regular packages – that’s fine by us.

But if you’re ready to step up your classes for the New Year, check it out.

Click here for our new 3 Month Membership.

Click here for our new 6 Month Membership.



Pilates Promise

Pilates Promise

Holiday Hours 2013

pilatesgingerbreadHappy Holidays!

We are OPEN until 3PM on Tuesday 12/24 & 12/31

We are CLOSED Christmas Day & New Year’s Day.

REMEMBER: CLEARANCE at *Clara’s Boutique!
*excluding Nancy Rose


In 30 Days

pilatespromiseCheck out the Pilates Promise if you are looking for to start a January program. We have just 5 spots to take on a small group of committed folks to bang through 10 weeks of our intense makeover program complete with nutrition and coaching. To learn more click here.

In 20 Days

base2Make your New Year’s workout schedule now! Your Pilates program should always incorporate 1-2 spring Driven workouts or classes, with at least 1 bodyweight workout and a minimum of 1 Private session to target your body’s specific needs. Here are two recommendations from my personal planner:

1 SpringTone / Reformer class
1 reforMAT / hazMAT
1 Private
2 Privates
1 reforMAT/ hazMAT

In 10 Days

Pick up any last minute gift certificates – We’ll custom package any denomination and get your loved one started off right with an intro to Pilates or a continuation of their practice.