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Meet our Teacher Trainees

After reviewing numerous applications, we carefully selected a brand new group of teacher trainees for the Real Pilates Teacher Training program. Our crop of future instructors come from varied backgrounds, and they each possess a strong commitment to learning the classical Pilates curriculum and teaching strategies. I am beyond proud to have the opportunity to work with each of these wonderful Teachers in Training.


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Courtney is originally from Rochester, NY where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance from The College at Brockport. She then moved to Ithaca, NY to become licensed in massage therapy through The Finger Lakes School of Massage. In 2009, she moved to NYC in pursuit of dance and making art. Her passion for movement and the body is what brought her to discover Pilates. She is very excited to continue learning and growing within the Pilates field. Courtney is very encouraging, and hopes to help her clients connect to their bodies on a deeper level and to push them to find their full potential.




Daniel Alvarado








Jannah Berkley

Jannah discovered Real Pilates while she was in college in New York City. After giving up dance post-injury, she found that Pilates was the one form of exercise she could enjoy every day. Since graduating, she has been working in fashion PR and has realized how important it is to have a workout that fully supports a busy schedule. The Pilates system is great in the studio, but even better when you find it enhancing your real life. Jannah can’t wait to share her newfound passion for classical Pilates with all of you!






Revital Laurence

Revital Laurence (AKA Tali), a born and raised Long Islander, discovered Pilates at the young age of 11. As a dancer, Pilates helped her maintain stability and strength as she continued to progress in her dance work. She has continued her Pilates training in high school, and now in college where she is currently working towards her Bachelor’s Degree at Bryn Mawr College.
Revital has a deep interest in the human body and its infinite capabilities. Teaching Pilates has brought new insight for her in how people move and what people can overcome when they push themselves. She is excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to work with everyone.






Victoria Batha

After graduating from Syracuse University in 2011, Victoria moved to Manhattan, where she first discovered Pilates at her neighborhood gym. A former NCAA Division I Athlete, Victoria was a member of the women’s rowing team and had grown accustomed to pushing herself to try new and more physically intense workouts. However, recurring chronic tendonitis of both knees led her to seek a friendlier exercise method for her joints, which Pilates effectively delivered! Soon, Pilates had become a regular form of exercise for Victoria, which she incorporated into her routine while training for two half marathons and progressing her cycling and bootcamp prowess. Her obsession with high intensity interval training eventually got the best of her, and after suffering a painful episode of rhabdomyolysis in her elbow, Victoria ditched the kettlebells for good. Seeking a less destructive approach to fitness, Victoria fully channeled her energy into Pilates and has never looked back. She looks forward to training all levels of athletes, all of whom she can easily relate to!