Real Pilates Alignment Mat


As Featured in Fitness Magazine, Fitceleb.com and more. Whether it’s Yoga, Fitness, Pilates or Stretching all exercisers need proper alignment. Enter our exclusive and patented Real Alignment Mat conceived and created by Real Pilates owner Alycea Ungaro to address the needs of the home exerciser. Good alignment is at the core of your workout. The Real Alignment mat is anatomically designed to “cheat-proof” your workout. This one-of-a-kind illustration includes specific place holders for your head, shoulders, navel, hips and feet as well as a center line for your spine. You’ll know exactly where to place your body for each and every move, ensuring a symmetrically strengthening workout every single time. You may not have the teacher, but you can have the teacher’s “eye” with this unique exercise mat.

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