Studio FAQ

Where do I start?
Click here to answer some simple questions and we’ll suggest an ideal program for you.

What is Pilates?
Plates is simply resistance training. We use springs and bodyweight exercises to develop a strong core and condition the whole body.

I’ve done Pilates before. Do I need to take Beginner class?
Absolutely. Your beginner classes will be the foundation of your Pilates practice. Our classes employ the unique Pilates equipment, and we need to show you how to use it!

So many classes! How do I know what’s what?
You will find descriptions of each of our classes by hovering over the class type on the schedule page. In a nutshell, our classes are limited to 10 or less, and you will always use the spring driven equipment. Expect a lot of hands on and personal attention.

What should I wear?
Comfortable athletic wear, free of buttons, snaps, and zippers. The studio is co-ed so please dress accordingly. Baggy shorts should be avoided as we incorporate inversions and straddle stretches in our workouts.

Any way I can avoid a 24 hour cancellation penalty?
Send a friend! Your sessions are always transferable, and you can give away or sell your spot to avoid a cancellation penalty. The front desk will always try to fill last minute cancellations but the short notice makes it difficult.

I’m pregnant. Can I do Pilates?
Yes! Our staff is trained in Prenatal fitness. Moms-to-be can choose between Private Sessions and Group Prenatal classes. Our prenatal classes are limited to between 3 and 10 spots per class to ensure maximum safety.

I have a shoulder/back/knee injury. Can I do Pilates?
Yes, we know countless modifications for different injuries and limitations. We highly recommend making an appointment for a Private Session before joining group classes in order to learn how to modify exercises appropriately for your condition.

Do I need to tip?
Tipping is not customary or necessary for Pilates. But our Massage Therapists greatly appreciate tips if you are pleased with the service.

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