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Our signature service! Real Pilates private sessions are the most comprehensive Pilates sessions available. Executed on over a dozen pieces of original Pilates equipment according to the Real Pilates principles and system of delivery, you simply can’t find a better workout. Let us pair you up with the perfect trainer for your goals and start your Pilates transformation.


All of the qualities you expect in a classic session, with a decade or two of experience, delivered by one of our Master level instructors. If your body needs the attention of heightened expertise, with an unparalleled level of training, you will want to book a session with a Master instructor.


Real Pilates offers a wide variety of group classes for every fitness level, from new beginners through advanced Pilates practitioners. Group classes at Real Pilates include Mat/Tower classes , Reformer Classes, Suspension Training (STS) and Pre-natal classes. Click “Sign Up for a Group Class” for full descriptions of each class.


Research shows that exercise and nutrition when combined together provide the biggest results. Let our Registered Health Coach, Keren Hawkins provide you with nutritional consultations, meal planning, and more. Bodygem is a handheld device that can determine your resting metabolic rate (RMR) in 5-10 minutes. Metabolic testing provides a precise measurement of your RMR, which can account for up to 75% of your total calorie needs. This measurement provides a definitive answer when creating a personal program, which means that whether you’re working to lose weight, gain weight, build strength, or complete your first fitness event, the plan you prepare can be based on your specific needs and deliver the results you’re are looking for.


Join us on the mat, from the comfort of your home or office! Due to very high demand, we now offer an online classical Pilates Mat session, delivered by one of our all star instructors via Skype or Google Hangouts. Wherever you happen to be, now you don’t have to miss the Real Pilates way! Book your online session now! Please use the purchase link to process your payment first. Once you have added the purchase to your account, simply send us an email at and provide your best availability for an online session, we are happy to coordinate with your schedule!